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Autosuggestion. The solution of every problem

      What Is Autosuggestion

Hey everyone today i bring a very special topic for you that was "Autosuggestion".

That helps you in solving every problem of your life

What is Autosuggestion?

  1. Autosuggestion means suggesting ourselves a specific and definite thing. 
  2. What suggestion you give to your mind, your mind makes your life like that.
  3. If you give good suggestions to your mind about your success, sprituality, good thoughts, your life become same like the thoughts that you gave to your mind.
  4. Autosuggestion is your direct path to your subconsious mind, what thoughts you give to your mind subconsious mind seem it to be true neither it was wrong or wright.
  5. The autosuggestion can be used to solve any problem.


           Uses of Autosuggestion

  1. Autosuggestion can be used to banishes fear on a specific thing and other negative conditions. Like somone have stagefear, negativity, fear of scary things, illness.
  2. Autosuggestion can be used to make a unhealthy person to a healthy person.
  3. Autosuggestion can be used to improve your confidence.
  4. Autosuggestion can be used to acheive great heights in your life. 
  5. You can gain what you want by auto suggesstion.

How to use Autosuggesstion?

  1. I'm explaining by giving an example, an old lady , aged over 75, have the habit of saying herself that she was losing her memory day by day she was losing her memory, but aftersometime she started using autosuggestion, she closed her self in a silent room and start meditating and stilled her mind and body as much as she could, Then she counteracted suggestion by saying to herself, "I cab remember everything day by day I'm getting my memory", she did it 3 or 4 times in a day after that she restored her memory and could remember everything by autosuggestion.
  2. An another example of autosuggestion, a young lady singer banishes her fear of stage by autosuggestion . whenever se was called in audition, she was always failed in her auditions, because her subconsious mind have accepted that negative autosuggestion, She overcome it by following these technique of autosuggestion three times in a day she isolated herself in a room, she sat comfortably and closed her eyes and relaxed her body. She stilled her mind as much as she can . She counteracted the fear auggestion by,saying herself, 'I sing too beautifully. I am full confident, My voice was too good, I'm calm. She repeats it 5 to 10 times. After that in her next audition she singed too beautiful with confidence.

The Constructive And Destructive Power Of Autosuggestion

  1. Every thing in this world have its pros as well as cons. So autosuggestion was constructive as well as destructive.
  2. The hetrosuggestion or destructive auto suggestion co-relate to such negative suggestion that you give yourself like. I will fail, I can't do it, I'm can't win. All such suggesstion comes in mind of all the persons, These suggestions start harming you when you would accept it to be, if you doesn't accept that, I couldn't win. Than no one can defeat you, but you if you accept it by ourself than you can easily defeated by everyone . 

So choice is yours, that you want to gain success or happiness in your life or your want failure, sadness, illness in your life.

Autosuggestion was itself a problem solver

                  By - The Problem Solver.


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