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Hey everyone, today's blog was on an special topic Happiness that everyone wants in there life, But all of them can't achieve it, but don't worry about that. I'm here to tell you all such facts that have taken up your happiness, and i also tell you, how you can regain your happiness.

The key of happiness is here.

Facts that have taken your Happiness

There are many facts that have taken away your happiness from you, i can explain some of them.
  1. Your are comparing yourself with others. Like someone was rich and You're poor, or someone is smarter than you, than you start comparing yourself with other, comparison is never good for your happiness.
  2. You're finding happiness in expensive things. We never get happiness from any expensive thing like it can be car or a dress. They only fullfill your heart desires.
  3. You're not satisfied with what you had. This was the main cause of your sad life that you're not accepting what you had, you're running behind what you didn't had. When you started statisfying the thing that you had, you're life will become imperfectly perfect.

The Secret Behind Happiness

Now, I provide some tips and tricks to always be happy.

  1. Satisfied With the thing you got. Most of the people are afraid from that, because they aren't satisfied from the thing that they get they compare themselves others. Like you compare your phone and cars from your friends and you become sad because your friend have better phone and car than you. So, you have start satisfying with thing you got without comparing with others, because comparison hurts you.
2. Know The Value Of Yourself. You should start knowing the value of yourself to become happy. Some people doesn't know the value of themselves with and become sad. You should know the value of yourself, know what you are you're different, you're unique, your face doesn't matches from others Faces, your skills are totally different from others skills, you are unique know yourself. Start knowing yourself to always be happy.

3. Happiness Is In Small Things. Try to find your happiness is in small things like you helped someone, the little things that makes you smile. Don't try to find happiness in big things like success, money, parties and showoff, they can't give you happiness that happiness small things give you. Whenever you spend your time with your family members or friends, that moments gives you much happiness than other things. So please try to find happiness in small things.

4. Learn To Live Alone. The most important and best way to always live happy is to learn to live alone, the best way to live your life, but today's generation doesn't know how to live alone, they find their happiness with their friends or their squad. Whenever the person lives alone he starts to discover himself, start knowing himself, they got time for themselves. So try to live alone, When you start living alone you can't get disturbed from someone comes or go from your life. So try to live alone.

Follow this points to always be happy.

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