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How To Stay Motivated। motivation |

How To Stay Motivated। Hey, everyone Today I'm going to talk about how to stay motivated Overtime, Everyone wants to be stay motivated Every time, and want to be focused on their goals, But most of us can't be motivated every time.
What Is Motivation? Motivation is your desire to achieve your goals, Inspiring Yourself to achieve your goals, You are commited with your goals, everytime and everywhere you only think about your goals, That burning desires to achieve your goals, that not let you to sleep.
Why We Cannot Stay Motivated Every time? However, we tried to stay motivated Every time but we failed, to stay motivated every time. When you eat food at that your energy level is full, but after sometime you got hungry and your energy level got decreased, To recover it you have it food again, Motivation is also same as that whenever you see any Motivational story or video you get fully motivated, but after sometime when you doesn't watch any Motivational video your Motivatio…

Time | Value Of Time |

Time : Value Of Time |
TIME. As, Everyone know about the time, and the value of there time so where should we have your use our time, and where we are investing our time is important, if you just simply wasting, than you doesn't get any thing in return, but if you Invest your time somewhere than you can get better return, like if you investing your time in improving some skills, than in future it mights help you, So decision is you to waste your time or Invest it.

Rules Of Time 1. If you Invest you get beneficial returns, Suppose if you Invest your time in developing an skill or a good Habit, so that was an investment because in future you get better returns of that, Or if you Invest your time in book reading than your mind get improved day by day, So Invest your time as much as you can.

2. If you Waste your time, you doesn't get anything, like if you Waste your time in using social media than, what you get by wasting your time, you doesn't get anything and you doesn'…

Education | Study Tips |

Study Tips
Hey, if you are searching for some of best study tips, for achieving good marks in examination or want to clear any other competitive exams, So, here I bring great study tips, which definetly helps you in your study, and enhance performance.
Tips For Study
1.PREPARE A PROPER TIME TABLE proper time table for your entire. course Divide your time for every activity. The time table should be devised in such a manner that your maximum time is devoted for studies instead of wasting it here and there. Allot  proper time for your sleep, sleep early and wake up early next morning. Take out some time for activities which interest you most, such as playing games, watching TV or listening to music. This helps you to refresh. yourself. Rationalize your time equally for each. subject Do not spend too much time on a particular subject and do not neglect another one.

2.DO NOT GRASP TOO MANY THINGS AT A TIME. Your target should be to cover a particular topic of a subject in one day. Do not …