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How To Stay Motivated।

Hey, everyone Today I'm going to talk about how to stay motivated Overtime, Everyone wants to be stay motivated Every time, and want to be focused on their goals, But most of us can't be motivated every time.

What Is Motivation?

Motivation is your desire to achieve your goals, Inspiring Yourself to achieve your goals, You are commited with your goals, everytime and everywhere you only think about your goals, That burning desires to achieve your goals, that not let you to sleep.

Why We Cannot Stay Motivated Every time?

However, we tried to stay motivated Every time but we failed, to stay motivated every time.
When you eat food at that your energy level is full, but after sometime you got hungry and your energy level got decreased, To recover it you have it food again, Motivation is also same as that whenever you see any Motivational story or video you get fully motivated, but after sometime when you doesn't watch any Motivational video your Motivation level goes down, So to recover it watch or read more and more Motivational stories, speeches or videos.


1. Read Or Watch Motivational Stories Or Speeches daily. If you daily Watch a Motivational speech, than your body motivation level doesn't decreases, And each and everytime you are fully Motivated, and you an extra confidence which helps you to solve any problem.

2. Surround Yourself With Good People. You should have to live with good people, motivated people who are devoted to much to their goal and passionate to achieve everything what they want, If you spent your time with such people you energy level would automatically increases, And after Day by day you will become like than.

3. Prepare A Weekly Plan And Make A To-Do List. You have to prepare for your whole week, what you are going to do in that week, set a target and try to achieve, whenever you achieved the goal that you set, your confidence automatically increases, You have to also prepare a to do list of your whole day, what are you doing on an particular day.

4. Establish A Personal Reward System. You have to establish a reward system for yourself, whenever you achieve your goal give yourself a reward or an small treat, by that your mind feel pleasured and from next Whenever you do that work, your mind was excited to that work. But whenever you unable to complete your goals give yourself a punishment, so from next time you would not repeat the same mistake again.

5. Cut Out Distractions And Make Attractions To Good Things. You have cut out your distractions like Smart phone, Television, Social media which are wasting your time and distracting you from achieving your goals, But you have to attract some good things toward you like Books, Good People's, Good Skills And new habits which are helpful to you, And helps you to achieve your goal.

There are some tips on How To Stay Motivated. I hope they are helpful.

Thanks For Reading.

By - The Problem Solver.

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