Indian Education System | What Is Going Wrong With Indian Education|

Indian Education System| What Is Going Wrong With Indian Education System? 

Hey, Everyone Today's article is about Indian Education System, which have to be discussed, As everyone know that education is Backbone of our economy, As everyone needs a proper education to live a proper life, We are studying since our childhood to our young age, So it is essential to know about education.

What Is Education?

Education does not mean about the theoretical knowledge that you read from your notebooks, The real education means preparing yourself to handle any situation of our life, Making yourself a situation leader who can handle any situation of their life, and never run away from that, Practical is to much better than theoretical.

What Is Wrong With Indian Education System?

Indian Education System was established by Britishers in India, Before that Gurukul education was used, When Britishers observed that Gurukul Education makes their student an perfect person, Who can handle or face any situation in his life, Than Britishers ban Gurukul Education and Established new education system, Whose main aim is to make Indian servant, and they are successful in their and made us their servant.
This education system should be changed at all because to old, we can not study at present on the basis of past system, Education System should be updated by time to time.
Today, also most of the student want to jobs in their life, before choosing any subject at our higher classes we think that did I get a job from this subject, instead we have to think that can i get proper knowledge, knowledge is more important, you can also  start your own company on the basis of the knowledge, this is more better than a job.
Today colleges also want more money they doesn't provide you a good faculty or knowledge and at they give you a white paper which was known as degree, What would you do of that degree, they doesn't give you knowledge.

What Changes Can Be Taken To Improve Indian Education System?

They are so many improvement's that can take place in Indian Education System.
 1. Education should be given on the basis of practical or real life situation, you cannot remember theory too long, But if see any real life practical they you would never forget it, 25% theory 75% practical knowledge should be given.
2. Some basic knowledge should be provided to them like " How To Live Your Life " " How To Develop Your Personality" .
3. Students should be trained in such a way that they would become situational leader they can face every situation in their life.

Here I discussed about Indian Education System, I Hope it was helpful to you and all your facts about Indian Education System are cleared.
Thanks For Reading.
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