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Hey Everyone, Have you ever listened the name of famous writer "Napoleon Hill". 
Who say that "What Your Mind Can Conceive Or Believe It Can Achieve" it means whatever your mind can believe and conceive, It can achieve that if you thought that your will be a billionaire than you definitely become a billionaire, Because Your mind can conceive and believe that thing so that it can achieve that. 
So, Now you are thinking about how does it work So there is a secret behind it. That Is.

Law Of Attraction.

It is simply ability of our mind to attract the things on which we are focusing, This rule was applied everywhere and on everyone, You believe on it or not, it was applied on you, It was like law Of Gravitation, it works on everyone, It was based on your belief system, whatever you believe it become true,
Today whatever you are it was because of you, Because what you thought about yourself, Your life become same as it.
The law of attraction uses the power of your subconscious mind to translate your thoughts into reality.
We know that How we thought our life become same like that, But some people tell that they thought that there was good job, and everything is good in their life, but at that condition law of attraction fails, because we think that everything happens Good, but deep inside we doesn't have trust on it, that's why law of attraction fails.
So firstly, we have to increase our confidence level and positive thinking.
This law tells that, firstly you have to feel good for yourself, Give importance to yourself, Make yourself valuable, if you thought that you're invaluable than you really becomes invaluable.

How To Use Law Of Attraction ?

1. Your Goal Should Be Clear. It should be clear that what you want, because if it wasn't clear than Super natural power doesn't help you to achieve your goals, So firstly decide whatever you want, And trust on yourself that what you want you will get it, and you can do everything.
2. Believe That Your Goal Will Complete. When your mind is concentrated on same thing than it develops cosmic rays, which helps you to complete your goals. If you have trust that your goal will complete, than your goal will definitely complete.
3. Suppose That Your Goal Is Completed. Suppose that achieved the success, and you have completed your goals, Whatever you think it should be interesting, than you get best results.
4. Use Power Of Your Sub Conscious Mind. Many of you have listened about Conscious and Sub Conscious mind, Your Sub Conscious mind have 90% of energy and Conscious have only 10%, control your thoughts and concentrate every time on your Goals only, Before Sleeping and After Waking Up there should be only one thought in your mind is to complete your Goals. 

Examples Of Law Of Attraction.

1. Buying a new car and then seeing them everywhere
2. Learning a new word and then hearing it on TV or the radio.
3. Thinking about a friend and they suddenly call you up on the phone.
4. Thinking about some and they came up.

Law Of Attraction work Every time and Everywhere.

So, these are few line on that topic, I hope it was helpful. 

Thank You For Reading.
By - The Problem Solver.

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