5 Ways To Get Rid Of Smartphone Addiction । The Proper Use Of Smartphone।

Today Everyone is busy in using there Smart phone, Every time and Everywhere. People even don't know what is happening around them, but they know everything about a latest Website, Applications. 
They have created there own Virtual World in there Smart phone.

Information About Smart phones.

A survey gives Information about Smart phones in India. There are 700 million mobile users in India, and 500 million are those who have Smart phone, And more than 100 Mobile Making brands.

On an average, A person in India uses 3 to 4 hour's it's Smart phone, So approximately in a year we are Wasting our 2 months, just by using a smart phone.

Are You Utilizing Your Time Properly? Ask To Yourself.

Smart phone is not just for Wasting your time, you can learn so many things by using your Smart phone properly.

I'm going To Tell How You Can Use Your Smart phone Correctly, So that you get better returns. I request you that please calculate the time you're Wasting on your Smart phone.

5 Ways To Use Your Smart phone Effectively.

1. Provide such things to your mind which are better and interesting than your Smart phones. If you mind get something better and useful than your Smart phone, than you can come out of Smart phone Addiction easily,

Human mind always want to live in there comfort zone, and this comfort zone is available in your Smart phone.

Today, why? Everyone is Staying away from Society, Education and their work, because all of us felt them boring, We didn't have any interest in doing them.

So, provide such things to yourself that are interesting than your mobile, And you will enjoy using it.

2. Keep Yourself Busy. You have to keep yourself busy, Remember it when you mostly use your phone, when you are free, when you doesn't have any work you Thought that  I'm free, So now I can use my Smart phone.

So keep yourself busy in some important works,
Invest Your Time In Such Works Which Gives You Better Returns.

3. Use You Smart phone For Online Education And Coaching. Use your resources as much as you can, In Today's world we can get every knowledge on our Smart phone easily.

And online Education and Coaching are easily available, On the basis of your interest Learn any skill online, Or if you are Preparing for a competitive exam, You can easily do Coaching there.

4. Use You Phone To Express Your Ability Or Your Talent. You can express you're talent to whole world by using Social Media, Today many people become star by Social Media by expressing there skill.

If you have any Talent or you have a Perfect knowledge on an specific topic, So you can shoot a video on it and post it on YouTube, from where you can earn money also.

Today So many tik tok star become famous. Use technology Effectively.

5. Use Your Smart phone To Earn Money. You can easily earn money by using your Smart phone,

There are so many sources Like Blogger, YouTube and Affiliate Marketing from where you can easily earn money by little effort or little work.

So these are some Points.

How To Reduce Smart phone Usage?

1. Use Long Password. 

2. Turn Off Notifications Of Apps.

3. Uninstall Useless Apps.

4. You To Self Understand That How Much Time You Should Use Your Phone, and it was good for you or not.

So, This are some point, I hope they are helpful.
Thanks For Reading.

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