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Did you know what is the biggest weakness of a human, And that Weakness is accepting Failure. And the simplest way to become successful is trying once more after failure, and this was told by Inventor of electric bulb, Thomas Alva Edison who was failed in inventing a electric bulb for more than 1000 times, but he never accepted Failure, and keep trying until he created Electric bulb, And because of him today every part of the world is lightening.

Learning From Failure.

But what if he accepted failure in the first attempt, He can't complete his invention, So keep trying to achieve your goals, until you achieve your goals, every failure teaches you a lesson, keep learning from your every failure, and you will become unstoppable. 

What Is Failure ?

Failure is a state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, that we wish to achieve. 

Failure doesn't mean that everything is over now and you doesn't have any chance to become successful, Failure is a chance to improve our self, and start again with not repeating the same Mistakes that leads you to fail.

There is no such thing as a failure, there are only results, some more successful than others, failure doesn't mean you've reached the end of the line and the success isn't possible, the only time when success is impossible is when you quit, but continue attempts with commitment and diligence, can be turned into success. 

Whenever you're Fail in your life, you're on right track to achieve success, and you are just one step away from achieving your goals, The real meaning of Failure is, 

F - First 
A - Attempt
I - In 
L - Learning

Told By Sir Apj Abdul Kalam.

Failure Is Good Or Bad ?

Everyone looks Failure as a problem, nobody wants to fail in their life, But most of us didn't know that Every Successful Man Failed In Their Life, But they have learn ed from that failure, Our biggest mistake is that we are feared to make a mistake, if we don't make a mistake so how do we learn from that mistake, failure gives you an opportunity, To start again, with a new planning, new effort, new mindset, So how a failure is a problem for you ? 

Every Adversity Carries With It, A Seed Of An Equivalent Or Greater Benefits.

Benefits Of Failure.

  1. Failure Brings Out Our Hidden Potential.
  2. Failure Gives Us Perspective.
  3. Failure Teaches Us To Be Grateful.
  4. Failure Encourages Us To Make Changes And Take Action.
  5. Failure Teaches Us Valuable Lessons.
  6. Failure Opens New Door.
  7. Failure Build Confidence And Self-esteem.
Success Is Going From Failure To Failure Without Loss Of Enthusiasm.

Failure Turned Into Success.

Once upon a time, there are two friends named Jack And Mark, they both have together written a book which contains a lot of Inspirational stories, and now they are looking for a publisher's to publish their book.

They started searching for a publisher, Firstly they meet ed a publisher Who say them no, than they meet second publisher he also told them no, And the next 33 publisher's didn't accept their proposal for publishing their book, But then after 3 years 34th publisher say them yes, Than the book achieved an amazing success and sold over more than 10 millions of copies.

The name of book was Chicken Soup For The Soul, but if they accepted failure, they can't achieve such a great height in their life, So keep trying until you get success.

So, why are you accepting failure in your life, You even accept failure, when you are fail in your examination, you become too  much depressed and thought that you can't do anything More in your life now, and many of the students even do suicide when they can't clear an examination, No any Successful person of this world is a class or institute topper they are just average, but they hire topper's to work under them. 

Jack Ma Failure Story.

Today everyone knows Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Alibaba, largest online wholesalers website, Jack Ma doesn't achieve such a great success without failure, Jack Ma failed many time in his life, he gave more than 30+ job interview but rejected in every interview and now he was one of the richest man, If Jack Ma doesn't fail so can he achieve such a great height, No he was just working 9 - 5 than. Never Afraid From Being Fail. 

Failure Is The Key To Success, And It Comes In Your Way To Success. 

You got your most valuable lessons from your failure, Failure is important for moving forward in your life, I'm not telling you to fail intentionally, but if Failure comes in your life and unbelievable conditions occurs in your life, You have to just explain to your mind, that Failure wasn't a problem, it was just an opportunity to learn something new, and at last Your Problem Become A Reason Of Your Success. 

God Is Just Checking You're Capable For Achieving Your Goals Or Not. 

Turning Failure Into Success.

Your failures are learning experiences that point out the adjustment you must make. Never try to hide from failure. You may be disappointed if you fail but you are doomed if you don't try.

Life is a series of wins and losses, even for the most successful person, the winners in life know that you crawl before you walk and you walk before you run. Each new goal comes with a new set of failures. 

if you make it your business to learn from your every failure and defeat and stay focused on the end result you wish to attend, failure will eventually lead you to success. 


 Failure just come in your life to check your potential, How Much Ready You Are, and How Much You Are Dedicated Toward Your Goals. But after every failure their Comes a big Success in your life, When a Failure comes in your life, You're at 90th stair and 10 stair left to achieve your Goals, So you have to choose either you go back, or keep moving until you achieve success.

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