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Imagination is a mighty instrument used by great scientist, artists, physicists, inventors, architect's and mystics. When the world said, 'its impossible, it can't be done ' the man with Imagination said It Is Done, Through your Imagination, you can also penetrate the depths of reality to reveal any secret of Nature, Imagination is just a superpower, which was god gifted to everyone, But all of us can't use the Power Of Imagination, So I'm going to reveal you every secret of Imagination.

The Power Of Imagination
The Power Of Imagination. 

Your capacity to Imagine causes you and enables you, to remove barriers of time and space. You can reconstruct the past or contemplate the future Thought through your inner eye. 

Imagination when disciplined, spiritualized, controlled and directed becomes the most exalted and noblest attribute of a man. 

What Is Imagination ?

Imagination is a ability or tendency of your mind to form Mental pictures of something, You can imagine everything, there is no limitations and boundaries on your Imagination

Imagination makes it possible to experience the whole world inside your mind, and the best things about Imagination is that it doesn't requires any kind of hard work, It was just easy to do. 

The Imagination is a river enabling you to flow back psychologically to God. 

As A Man Imagines And Feels, So Does He Become.

Benefits Of Imagination.

All of our mental Attitude are conditioned by our Imagination. If you imagine that this is going to be a black day today, that business is going to be very poor, that it's raining, that no customer will come to your shop, that they have no money so on, You are going to experience a very negative results, By your negative Imagination

Your Mental Attitude means your mental reaction to people, circumstances, conditions and objects in space.

Darkness Follows The Night, But Morning Will Come Again.

 Relation Between Success And Imagination.

Your Success is all about of your Imagination, the way you imagine your results, same the results you got, 

So, imagine conditions and circumstances in life that dignify, elevate, please as well as satisfy you. If you imagine life is cold, cruel, hard, bitter or that struggle and pain are inevitable, you are making a miserable life for yourself.

It's just as easy to imagine yourself Successful, as it is to Imagine failure but far more interesting. 


You need to begin to think clearly and with interest about your goal and objective. When your mind is engaged on your goal or objective, you are using the creative law of mind and it will come to pass. 

Make It So Real And True That It Will Actually Take Place Physically.

With your Imagination, you can actually hear the invisible voice of your mother even though she lives 10000 miles from here, you can also see her clearly, quite as vividly as if she were present. This is the wonderful power you possess, You can develop and cultivate this power to become successful and prosperous. 

The sun and moon represent the Conscious and Subconscious Mind. The Eleven Stars represent the Eleven powers in addition to Imagination. Disciplined Imagination takes precedence over all other facilities of the mind and controls the direction of the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Truly through your faculty of Imagination you can imagine that the invisible secrets of nature are revealed to you. 

A poet says that, poetry was the expression of the Imagination. When the poet meditates on love and wishes to write on love, the invisible intelligence and wisdom within him stirs his mind, casts the spell of God's beauty over him and awakens him to God's eternal love so that his words become clothed with wisdom, truth and beauty. 

Every invention of Edison's was first conceived in his Imagination. The same was true for Tesla, another great inventor. 

You must first of all begin to discipline your Imagination and not let it run riot. If you wish a chemically pure product, you must remove all traces of other substances as well as extraneous material. 

In science of Imagination you eliminate all the mental impurities, such as fear, worry, destructive inner talking and the mental union with other miscellaneous negatives. 

How To Imagine ? 

The best time to Imagine is when your mind have less thoughts, you your mind can easily catch your Imagination and can understand what you really wants. 

The best time to imagine is morning time, but if you don't have time in morning, So you can do Imagination while meditating.


The power of Imagination is a great power possessed by everyone, you can turn your every dream into reality just by changing you Attitude and Imagination, Imagine good situations and circumstances, Imagination affects too much in your results, Always be positive about everything in your life, Imagination is all about your mind game, how you are using your mind to achieve your Goals, Life is a continuous process of New Goals and Success, you can easily achieve your goals by using a disciplined Imagination.

Success never comes Overnight, you need to have patience, and consistency in your Imagination, you have to imagine Daily. 

Imagination Is Just A Mind Game.

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