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How To Become Rich। 5 Proven Tips That Will Make You Rich। ( Millionaire Mind )

How To Become Rich ?
Hey Friends, In today's time, everyone wants to get Rich and want to earn a lot of money and it is not difficult to earn money, if you know the right way. 
Now you will say that to earn money, you have to do work hard, yes we have to do hard work it's compulsory, but hard work alone cannot make you Rich
Even a laborer does hard work, but why he was still a poor. 
The only way to change your outer world is to first change your inner world.
 Programming Of Your Mind To Become Rich.
Today whatever results you are getting in your life, whether it is profitable or harmful, good or bad, negative or positive, only you are getting due to the programming of your mind.
Friends, now how much money you are going to earn in your life, its programming is being done since your childhood, there is a blueprint of how much money you are going to earn and that proves how rich you are going to be.
Formula Of Money Is. 
Thoughts ➡️ Feelings ➡️ Actions = Results।

The thought…


Risk.Did you know what is the biggest Risk in this world, That is not taking any Risk, In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking a Risk.
We did not want to take any kind of Risk because we are feared that what if I fail? My all hard work was just wasted, So why do I take Risk.
But every successful man has taken a Risk.
If you want to go far in your life you have to start taking Risk.
What Is A Risk ?Risk is probability of getting something or losing something, either you get it or you lose it, but if you didn't take any kind of Risk then neither your loss or neither you win. 
It was not necessary that if you take Risk every time you will become successful, sometimes you may fail also but failure helps you to grow. 
Failure Is A Option.
 The bigger the Risk, the greater the  results you get. The biggest achievements of your life comes when you start taking a Risk.
You can't grow more without taking any kind of risk, Risk pro…

How To Study Before Exam । Score 95% + Marks।

How To Study Before Exam ?Hey, Everyone your exams are not so far from now, and it was the right time to start the preparation of your exams. This time is going to decide that What Was Your Result ? Good or Bad, this time is game changer for all of you, you preparations for this months are going to decide your Results. The one who utilized this time properly will be the winner. But you have a sufficient time to change your Results.
So here, I provide you some of the best and easiest methods to score highest marks in your exams in just a short period of time and if you followed them sincerely than trust me no one can stop you and compete with you, You will be the unbeatable.
5 Tips To Study Before Exam
Study With Full Focus. Whenever you do study, try to do it with full focus, your full concentration should be on your study. Study 1 hour but study with full focus, it was equal to your daily 8 hours of study.
Try to fix a time in which you are just going to do study, no any other activity, s…

Habits : 5 Strategical Habits That Will Change Your Life |

5 Strategical Habits That Will Change Your Life.

Habits have a major impact in our day To day life, Good habits can increase your productivity, but a bad habit can decrease too, So, the main thing is that you have choose best habits for yourself.

You don't even know if we do a minor change in our Habits we can get unbelievable results.

Try to make good habits and interesting hobbies that helps you to improve your Self Strength.

So, here I bring some of the best Habits that can totally change your life, and by applying them you can easily see changes in yourself.
What Is A Habit ?Habit is a type of routine or activity that was followed by us on daily basis, without any kind of external remembrance, 

Just like you have a habit of waking up early in the morning without using any kind of alarm, because it was in your routine, your body automatically wakes up you without any external help.

How To Build A Habit ?You can easily build or destroy any kind of habit easily from your mind. 
If you wa…

New Year Motivation 2020 |

New Year Motivation. We start every New year with a new Confidence, new Energy and many new dreams.
But, Day After Day our confidence and excitement comes down and we are same as we are in our past, But Have we ever tried to make our new year best.
Why? We haven't Acheived anything good in our life in our past time's, Why our dreams are incompleted every year. 
There is much more difference between just simply telling than doing, Everyone shares on his Whatsapp status and Stories on New Year that this year is going to be one of the best year of my life, but have you ever tried to make your year best,Can you make sacrifices to acheive your Goals, could you sacrifice your sleep and morning to acheive your Goals. 
But If you are ready to make every sacrifice to acheive your Goals, than trust me no one can stop you to acheive your Goals. 
So, What's Your Planning For 2020.
So, what you are going to acheive in 2020, So that this year is going to be best year of your life or yo…