How To Become Rich। 5 Proven Tips That Will Make You Rich। ( Millionaire Mind )

Hey Friends, In today's time, everyone wants to get Rich and want to earn a lot of money and it is not difficult to earn money, if you know the right way. 

Now you will say that to earn money, you have to do work hard, yes we have to do hard work it's compulsory, but hard work alone cannot make you Rich

Even a laborer does hard work, but why he was still a poor. 

The only way to change your outer world is to first change your inner world.

 Programming Of Your Mind To Become Rich.

Today whatever results you are getting in your life, whether it is profitable or harmful, good or bad, negative or positive, only you are getting due to the programming of your mind.

Friends, now how much money you are going to earn in your life, its programming is being done since your childhood, there is a blueprint of how much money you are going to earn and that proves how rich you are going to be.

Formula Of Money Is. 

Thoughts ➡️ Feelings ➡️ Actions = Results।

The thoughts that are in your mind take you to the Feelings and Feelings takes you to the Actions and Actions takes you to the Results. The types Of Thoughts you will put in  the your mind the same kind of results you will get.

Where Do Thoughts Come From ?

In this world, every human has different thoughts, So where do these Thoughts come from? The thoughts comes from the programming of your mind. The way you program your mind, the same kind of thoughts will come in your mind.

Programming Of Human Mind. 

Human mind is programmed with three types, 

1. Verbal Programming. 

This means what you heard in your childhood because we believe everything we hear in childhood as true.

2. Modelling.

This means that what we saw in our childhood means that whatever circumstances we have faced.

3. Specific Events.

It means that what you have experienced in your childhood, by some specific event's.

Until you change this programming, you will not be able to move forward.

If you want to change your thinking and your programming, then whatever negative or wrong things that you had heard or experienced in your childhood, Change them from positive things.

like you may have heard in your childhood that you cannot do anything, you will not be able to become very much rich in your life. Reject these things and say to yourself, I can do anything and I am going to be very rich.

Qualities That Rich People Have.

There are some reasons due to which the poor remain poor and rich become more rich, if you too are making any mistake, then please improve them.

1. Rich Think Big And Poor Think Small.

Your thinking has a great importance in your life and usually we think very little, we think only to a limit, why do you think to earn money only in millions, you have to think for billions, there is no problem in thinking. If you are behind today that's because of your thinking

2. Rich People Live With Successful And Positive People And Poor People Live With Negative And Unsuccessful People.

You can learn a lot from the kind of people you live with and whom you follow, you start to become like them, if you live with a successful person, you can learn a lot from him like, how he became successful, What struggle he did and what was his strategy?

But if you stay with a failed person, what will you learn from him? Change your group and start living with people who are 1 level ahead of you.

3. Rich People Make Other People To Work Hard To Make Money For Them And Poor People Work Hard For Money. 

Friends, this is the difference Between a rich and a poor person, a rich person does not do all the work himself, He hires a team and gets all the work done by that team and earns money but a common man works alone, and Can't achieve much in their life. 

4. Rich People focus On Opportunities And Poor People Focus On Obstacles.

There will be many obstacles in your life, but leaving them there will be a lot of opportunities. We should focus on them. Focus on what you have, do not focus on what you do not have. Wherever you are Just start with what you have.

5. Rich People Learn And Develop And Poor People Think That They Know Everything. 

Rich people always keep learning in their life and they read books and attend seminars which greatly develop them, but a poor person thinks that he knows everything and does not want to learn anything else, so they are unable to move forward in their life.

Declarations To Change Your Life. 

If you want to change the programming of your mind then say the following declarations by putting hand on your heart.

1. I'm dedicated to get rich.

2. My goal is to become a millionaire and more. 

3. I wanna be rich. 

4. I pledge to constantly learn and grow. 

By doing that you are re training your subconscious mind to become rich and you are generating a positive energy inside you. 

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