How To Study Before Exam । Score 95% + Marks।

Hey, Everyone your exams are not so far from now, and it was the right time to start the preparation of your exams. This time is going to decide that What Was Your Result ? Good or Bad, this time is game changer for all of you, you preparations for this months are going to decide your Results. The one who utilized this time properly will be the winner. But you have a sufficient time to change your Results.

How To Do Study Before Exam

So here, I provide you some of the best and easiest methods to score highest marks in your exams in just a short period of time and if you followed them sincerely than trust me no one can stop you and compete with you, You will be the unbeatable.

5 Tips To Study Before Exam

  1. Study With Full Focus.

Whenever you do study, try to do it with full focus, your full concentration should be on your study. Study 1 hour but study with full focus, it was equal to your daily 8 hours of study.

Try to fix a time in which you are just going to do study, no any other activity, switch off your smartphone, say it to everyone that in that particular time I am just going to do study So, please don't disturb me.

Just find a quiet place in your house, so that your concentration does not break, don't try to study any subject for more 2 - 3 hours, try to change the subject and study, so that your concentration does not break. 

Focus is most important for your study, now you are thinking how do we do study with Full focus ?

Focus is directly proportional to interest, if you do the work you are interested to do you can do this work with Full focus.

So now you are thinking that the study or interest does not have any kind of relation in them Study is too boring.

But everything can be made interesting, you just look study as a boring, but you don't know study Provides you a lot of valuable knowledge, just try to make your study interesting.

Focus is just a art of your mind, How much you can make your mind stable on a definite place or an object, Focus can also be gained by meditation and yoga, because they help us to make our mind thought free, and the best time to do meditation is morning Time. And best time to study is also the morning time, because in morning time your mind have very less thoughts, So you can concentrate more and on your studies. 

2. Use 80 - 20 Formula.

Many of you know about 80 - 20 principle, and it was applicable in your studies also. 

It was 80% of questions asked in your exams came from 20% of your syllabus, so why are you wasting your time to study the full syllabus, instead you have to focus on this 20% syllabus first, Now how to identify the best 20% syllabus, So try to observe the topic that were asked in every exam.

So Firstly try to cover this 20% syllabus first, and then try to focus on the remaining 80% of your syllabus. 

It was the best and easiest method to get good marks in a short period of time and with less hard work.

3. Solve Past 10 Year Papers.

Try to solve past 10 years papers of the class you are studying and collect every paper and learn every questions properly, because 80% of questions come from past ten year papers, because examiner can't prepare new new questions every year, they just add some new questions and another questions are taken from past 10 year papers, so try to attempt this question paper first.

There is another benefit of solving that papers because of them you can understand the patterns of question paper, and you will also learn to manage your time because sometimes you have to left some of your questions whose answer you know but you have to left them because of lack of time.

4. Prepare A Time Table And Make A Planning. 

Try to make a best time table according to your schedule, time table is the best way to manage your time and because of time table you can maintain consistency in study, and consistency is most important in Study because regular practice is important. 

So please try to make a timetable which you can follow. 

Now it's time to study with a planning, because time is limited now observe what you have to do now, how many topics have been covered, how many are remaining and how many topics you have to revise. 

Try To Do Smart Work Not Hard Work.

5. Reduce Stress And Avoid Depression.

The most important thing that you have to ignore is stress and try to avoid depression as much as you can because it was a time when many of the students are going in depression because of their study.

Some people become too serious with their studies that if they can't meet their expectations they even do sucide, You are more important than your exams, try to understand the value of yourself, If you're fine and healthy their are so many exams and acheive ments left in your life, you can go for them, Don't become too serious for your studies. 

Sometimes because of depression in exam time you can also fall sick and it have a directly impact on your results, Become stress free at the time of exam. 

Now try to make best short notes, because at the time of exams you doesn't have a lot of time to study all the materials you have, so short notes is easy way to study your whole syllabus in a short period of time. 

The best way to answer in a exam is, See examiner as a child now this child is asking a question from you, So you have to give answer in such a way that you're explaining that answer to child a little kid. 

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