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Did you know what is the biggest Risk in this world, That is not taking any RiskIn a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking a Risk.

We did not want to take any kind of Risk because we are feared that what if I fail? My all hard work was just wasted, So why do I take Risk.

But every successful man has taken a Risk.

If you want to go far in your life you have to start taking Risk.

What Is A Risk ?

Risk is probability of getting something or losing something, either you get it or you lose it, but if you didn't take any kind of Risk then neither your loss or neither you win. 

It was not necessary that if you take Risk every time you will become successful, sometimes you may fail also but failure helps you to grow. 

Failure Is A Option.

 The bigger the Risk, the greater the  results you get. The biggest achievements of your life comes when you start taking a Risk.

You can't grow more without taking any kind of risk, Risk provides you an opportunity to use your maximum potential.

But friends we are feared to take a Risk, because we lose our hope before taking a Risk, and you wilo find every reason that why your are going to be unsuccessful, what society thinks about me if I fail.

But, what if you become successful, start thinking positively.

Story Of Risk Takers. 

1. Elon Musk. 

The most innovative and futurstic person of present time, and everyone know about him, and his was a biggest Risk taker and he never feared to take Risk.

Currently he was owner of Tesla, Spacelex, Hyperloop and many of popular brands. 

And according to Forbes his net worth is $ 20 billion, and he comes under one of the richest man of the world. 

A time when his company zip 2 which was sold and he have 7% share in that company, So he get 1000 crore of his share, then he invested all of his money in different different business, but a common man would not do that we are satisfied in such money, but he taken a risk and invested all of his money. 

Then he thought that, we have to go on Mars, life should be exist on Mars, but at that time rockets are too costly, so he decided to start his own company named SpaceX and start creating reusable rockets. 

When he made the first rocket and when he launched it, rocket engine caught fire and he suffered a lot of damage, yet he did not give up and then made another rocket for it and then launched another rocket and rocket went to rocketspace but it did not reach his end yet and then went off-route and the 3Rd rocket also went to space and than off routed. 

In three times, he suffered so much that all the money he had earned earlier was spent and everything was over, now even his investors started saying that now there is nothing left, yet he said I will take it once more I will try again and again, but this time their everything was sold , their house their property and everything and then launched the rocket for the fourth time and that rocket was also successful and then they got  1 Billion dollar contract from NASA, but what if Elon accept the failure in first time, than he can't achieve such success in his life. 

Many Failure comes I'm Elon life, but he learned from his Every Failure.

2. Ritesh Agrawal. 

He is the founder of OYO, he took the Risk of leaving his studies in his younger age to start his own company, he was very fond of traveling but whenever he goes somewhere, he does not get good services. The hotel that they get was very dirty and uncleaned, then they started their own company OYO, to provide good hotel facilities and solved the public problems.

At that point of life, he had left the studies when everyone was running behind the studies and wanted to make his career but he took the risk by leaving his studies and started his own company but what if he does not take the risk and studies like everyone else, He can't become such a successful person, whose net worth is $10 billion. 

They did not do the work that they all did, they did the work that needed to be done.

Your Success Is Directly Proportional To The Risk You're Willing To Take. 

Learn to take Risk and Start working on your interests. 

Those Who Play Win, Those Who Take Risk Wins. 


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